About Band Of Heroes

About Band Of Heroes

A Company Like No Other In Merrimack Valley, MA & NH

Brian Mercer is the owner and operator of Band of Heroes. Previously serving as a Navy/Marine medic and a Massachusetts EMT, Brian has more than 30 years experience in the emergency response industry. Band of Heroes was established to provide the general public with professional training and certification courses so they are able to respond quickly if a life-saving emergency situation arises.

Our mission is to make you an asset by training you, your staff, and your family valuable techniques that can save a life and make you someone's hero.

There have been instances where Merrimack Valley residents have gone into cardiac arrest and died because a defibrillator arrived too late. Band of Heroes is dedicated to teaching the community how to use AEDs to increase the chances of survival during these types of situations. People of all ages can suffer sudden cardiac arrest, which is why it is important to understand the warning signs so you can act swiftly.

Above all, our mission is to help you save lives. If you reside in the Boston, New England area we would love to take a bandwagon to your facility to teach a course. Contact Band of Heroes to begin today.